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What We Do

BreakLine Educational Consulting provides services to local high school students who are preparing to attend college. Our services include career preparation, high school course selection, college exploration, and scholarship search. We are not a replacement for your high school counselor. We are a supplemental support for students and families seeking additional individualized assistance. We offer customized programs and packages for students who would like additional support in the college preparation process.

Why We Do It

We are passionate about education. We have spent our careers working in this sector to make education better for others. We believe in helping people find their purpose and place by understanding their passions and creating goals worth achieving.


How WE CaN Help You

We offer customized programs and packages for students who would like private and individualized support in the college preparation process. 

Popular Outcomes:

  • A short list of possible careers or career pathways

  • An understanding of possible courses to take in high school, including dual-enrollment, AP, IB

  • Recommended extra curricular activities and leadership positions to pursue

  • Preparation and best practices on how to approach career or college fairs

  • A short list of colleges that fit the student well

  • An understanding of different financial obligations of various types of schools

  • An understanding of how to search for scholarships

  • A guided walk through of a minimum of one scholarship application process

  • A customized short list of highest potential scholarships

  • Customized feedback on a minimum of three completed college and scholarship applications

  • An understanding of the policies and processes of the student's top college choice

The value we bring

Find the right fit

With over 7,200 educational institutions to choose from, it can be tough to find the right fit. We bring experience and first hand knowledge of various institutions, colleges, and universities. We get to know you, your skills, and your passions to help you find your perfect match!

Spend dollars wisely

Education is a major investment of time and money. Costs can range depending on your decisions and could have a lasting impact on your financial future. Having an experienced professional to help you make a sound investment brings significant value.

Navigate the process

We bring experience and knowledge about the similarities and differences of the various college and career application processes. We keep a focus on the student's skills and passions to find the right educational path to help them make their dream a reality.

Get it right the first time

On average, over 23 percent of students complete their first degree at a different institution than where they start. This is often attributed to students making the wrong choice of program of study or institution. Our goal is to help students make the right choice the first time.

Keep the peace

The college and career admissions process can be confusing and stressful. From the seemingly never ending list of tasks to the major commitment of time and money. Having a professional at the table to guide the process and bring some order to the chaos can be helpful.


Next steps

Step One:

The first step is to fill out our ‘Step One Survey' that gathers some basic information so we can start our conversation.

Step Two:

The next step is we will reach out to you to schedule an initial 30-60 minute meeting (this is FREE!). Depending on the comfort level of everyone, sometimes these meetings are online and sometimes face-to-face. Since every student's needs are different, we create a custom package of services for each and every student, so prices will vary.

Step Three:

After the FREE initial meeting, we will give a price estimate for the custom package that meets the student's needs. This allows the student and family to know the costs right up front for the outcomes they are looking for before making any commitments.

Step Four:
Getting to work!

Now we get to work! The number and frequency of meetings will vary depending on our outcomes. We usually assign some ‘homework’ for the student as well as ourselves. Sometimes we do quick check-ins over email or the phone and sometimes we meet up virtually or face-to-face.

Keep in mind, we are not making any of the academic or career decisions, we are guiding the students and families through their own decisions.

A common recommendation you will hear from us is to speak to your school counselor (usually about specific topics, programs, or questions). We do not (and cannot) replace this person or their services. We are just another resource for you in addition to those offered by your school.


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