Local Scholarships

January 24, 2019

Everyone is looking for money for college, right? Whether you are headed to college or a current college student, the money issue can be very stressful.


One source of money to pay for college is local scholarships. These are often found with a local community foundation and usually offer small dollar scholarships to local high school students. While these scholarships may not seem like a lot of money, they are usually easy to apply for and can add up! Some of them are even renewable for another year!


The first place to start is to talk to your school counselor about where you can find the application for these scholarships. Often, they can be found online and you can fill out one application for many opportunities. Next, check out the application and possible scholarships. Some scholarships may require additional work such as essays so pay close attention to the instructions. Finally, apply! You can’t receive a scholarship unless you apply for it!


Examples for local scholarships include https://www.gratiotfoundation.org/1/280/scholarships.asp for Gratiot County students, https://www.midlandfoundation.org/scholarship-guidelines/ for Midland and Gladwin County students, and https://www.mpacf.org/apply-for-a-scholarship/ for Isabella County students.


Contact us today for assistance in scholarship search or any part of the college and career process!


Stay tuned for more information about scholarships and the college admissions process!


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