Institutional Scholarships

March 6, 2019

What is the biggest source of scholarships for college? The college or university itself! Most scholarship money comes from the institution you are attending, in a few different forms.


The first, and easiest, of these institutional scholarships is an automatic, merit based scholarship. These scholarships are usually based on your grade point average and standardized test scores (the SAT or ACT). They are often awarded at time of admission and usually do not require any extra applications or work. Sometimes this scholarship is renewable for future years as long as your grades are above a certain level. Not all institutions have these automatic scholarships, but many do!


The second type of institutional scholarship is a competitive scholarship.  These often have minimum grade point average and test scores and then require an extra step. This extra step could include an interview, essay, creative project, recommendations, or any combination of these things! As long as you keep your grades above a certain level and meet scholarship requirements, you will often receive these scholarships in the future years you are at the institution. These are often high dollar scholarships and provide additional support when you arrive.


The third type of scholarship is a specialized or departmental scholarship. These are usually a lower dollar scholarship but you can usually apply to these each year you are at the institution. Each institution handles these scholarships differently. Sometimes there is one application for all or sometimes you must apply individually to each. The financial aid office at your institution is a great resource for these scholarships!


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